Gray Farms is a full service breeding farm. Our services include foaling, breeding, boarding, rearing and veterinary care for your horses.

Foaling- All mares are monitored on a daily basis. Foaling stalls a equipped with cameras for night monitoring. Foal alert systems are placed in mares when they are within 10 days of due date or clinical signs indicate nearing parturition. All foals receive hyperimunized plasma within 48 hours of birth.

Breeding- full service reproductive care is provided by Dr. Gray. Palpation, teasing, cultures, ultrasounds and surgery are performed on the farm.

Boarding/Rearing- Year-round or temporary boarding for mares, foals, and yearlings. Our irrigated pastures are safely fenced and the horses are grouped for compatibility. We are convinced that lots of grass and room to run are the most important elements in developing a sound healthy horse. we also have a 5 horse free-flow equiser for conditioning and rehab.
Veterinary care- Dr. Gray is a highly experienced practitioner and is well equip to handle problems. Ultrasound, endoscopy, digital radiograph, power dentistry, and full reproduction lab are available on the farm for our breeding clients.